Corporate Gifting

Looking to give the gift of a green thumb to your customers or employees?

Well has the perfect solutions for you!


Plantcare Packs Opened


We offer customizable gifting packages that includes plants and plant care products:


Build Customer/Employee Loyalty

Corporate gifting has been proven to deepen relationships with customers and employees, ensuring that they will return for future business and referrals. 


Nurture Prospects and Leads

A gift is a great way to show potential customers that you mean business. How about a plant to tell them that you are ready to grow with them? Research shows 24% of gifts given open up new opportunities or leads for the gifting company. 


Focus on Customization

Our package options allow you to include your own branding, color schemes, handwritten notes, and the ability for your recipients to choose which plant they would like to receive.


Stay Top of Mind

Plants and plantcare are gifts that last for the long run. Every time your recipient looks at their plant, they will have your company in mind.


So How Does it Work?


Step 1: Pick a Package


Step 2: Tell Us Who to Ship To


Step 3: We Handle the Rest


For more information and to view our packages, check out our Corporate Gifting Guide. 


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